Links to Some of My Poems that Can Be Found on the Web

by Roy Beckemeyer

Since I now have poems and/or bits of poems scattered around on a number of sites on the web, I decided to gather the links and post them here to them all in one place. (Note that web links often have really short lives, so if you want to have a record of your poetry as published on-line, you might want to try saving the web page to your computer. This can be done in either html form or if you have Adobe Acrobat, you can often save a nice version in pdf form.) I also have several blog entries here on phanaerozoic devoted to poems, so be sure and look them up as well. Just click the tag “Poetry” under “Categories” to see all my blog entries that include poems.

These are roughly in chronological order of posting to the web, and at the time of this posting to phanaerozoic, all are active links:

At my personal web site,, there is a page that links to a number of poems:

The individual poems are:

“Picking (2)” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Alaskan Food Chain” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Trailside Ecology Lesson” (posted October 12, 2001)
“On the Prairie At Dawn” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Quail Dog” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Dragonflier” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Ode to Erpetogomphus lampropeltis ovipositing in a Gila River Riffle” (posted October 12, 2001)
“Rebirth: Thoughts on Observing Dragonfly Larvae” (posted October 12, 2001)
“A Fortnight into Autumn, Dreaming” (posted April 8, 1996)

On Tom Mach’s Blog, “Prose and Verse World”

Five “Machadaiku” poems – a form invented by Tom (posted May 19, 2011):
“Impressionist” (posted May 22, 2011)

At Greg German’s “Kansas Poets” website (

“In Kansas to Stay”

At the web site of Kansas Poet Laureate (2009-2013) Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, “150 Kansas Poems,” I was fortunate to have four poems chosen, the first two for her “Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems” project in honor of the Kansas Sesquicentennial, one for “To the Stars Through Difficulties: A Kansas Renga in 150 Voices,” and one as “Poem of the Week.”

The first three are cached at: and are:

“A Kansas Farmwife’s Snow Song” (posted November 19, 2011)
“We Discuss the Geomorphology of Life” (posted April 5, 2011)
and from the renga (untitled, posted Feb. 5, 2012):

The fourth is the poem of the week posted February 11, 2013:


Films, Stories and Poems Exhibited at the Percolator (A Multi-media Art Venue in Lawrence, Kansas) – The Story of Chickens ( by Amber Hansen Exhibited March 30 – April 21, 2012. Posted by The Story of Chickens on July 7, 2012:

“A Five-Tanka Poem: Where Food Came From in the 1950’s” (posted July 7, 2012)

At The Journal of Kansas Civic Leadership, Julia Fabris McBride, Poetry Editor, Chris Green, Managing Editor, Wichita, KS,
( published in November, 2012 issue, p. 104-105:

“Hope” (posted November, 2012) – use above link, open issue and page to poem near end of issue

At the web site of Lisa M. Hase-Jackson, “200 New Mexico Poems”
(, in honor of the New Mexico Centennial:

“A Day at White Sands” (#193, posted December 13, 2012):

At the blog, “Zingara Poet,” edited by Lisa M. Hase-Jackson (, the Poem of the Week for February 6, 2013:

“The Baltimore Catechism: Unrequited Love”
Untitled: “Is the harvest moon swollen…” Response to Zingara Poetry Prompt for January 18, 2013 (posted February 20, 2013)
Untitled: “morning light grazing fields…”: Response to Zingara Poetry Prompt for February 15, 2013 (posted February 19, 2013) Zingara Poetry Prompt for January 18, 2013 (posted February 20, 2013)
“You, Approaching”: Response to Zingara Poetry Prompt for February 22, 2013 (posted February 22, 2013)

At the web site: The Shine Journal – The Light Left Behind: Journeys Through Grief ( (Added to this list on 26 April, 2013):

Three Poems: “To My Brother on the Anniversary of Our Father’s Death,” “Maggie,” and “Elegy for Our Father” (

– Roy Beckemeyer, 16 April, 2013