Reading a Poem from Robert L. Dean, Jr.’s “The Aerialist Will Not Be Performing.”

by Roy Beckemeyer

Well, I finally got back to my plan to record and post readings from the literary works of folks whose work I admire. Today I am delving into perhaps the most lovely and lovingly produced book of ekphrastic poetry I know of – my good friend Robert Dean‘s book, The Aerialist Will Not Be Performing, published in 2020 by Paul Bowers‘ Turning Plow Press. Pat and I are proud that Bob Dean dedicated one of the poems, “Up on the Roof,” to us and so I chose to read that poem as well as Bob’s personal inscription to us. Thanks so much, Bob. The book is based on Bob’s responses to Stephen Schroeder’s impressive art work, each poem accompanied by the painting that inspired it.

Turning Plow Press:

Stephen Schroeder’s Web Page:

This is a recording made 3 October 2022 and read on Facebook by Roy J. Beckemeyer.