Advent Day 18 – December 18, 2021

by Roy Beckemeyer

Day 18 – California White Zinfandel and Jalapena Gouda

Oh No! Not Jalapena Gouda again! Gone the “Reindeer Red” of Day 11, and in the wings to try to last at least one round with this hot cheese is White Zinfandel, that rosé that was very popular as a cooling quaff oh so many years ago. And, it turns out, a tougher competitor as well. The strawberry/cherry flavor hints and the natural spiciness of the zinfandel together did a better job of holding up against the hot pepper flames of the cheese. Still not a match made in heaven, but at least one that made having this cheese with wine tolerable. I would rather have it with one of the tamer goudas if you please.

And, again, to reward myself I repeat the Burgess Cabernet Sauvignon and Lasagna of yesterday again this evening, with a side of braised spinach with orange zest. Voila!

~Roy Beckemeyer, December 18, 2021