Five of My Poems on Syzygy Poetry Journal’s Vol. 1, Issue 3.

by Roy Beckemeyer

Pleased to have five of my poems on the on-line literary magazine The Syzygy Poetry Journal. Link to them here:

“Skull of Sirius, Crossbones of Cassiopeia” is a sci-fi sort of a poem. “The Chase” a sort of mythological one, with Orion and the canids chasing the moon across the sky. “Daylight’s Starring Role” is a sort of extended metaphor, with the arrival of dawn the lifting of a stage curtain. “Sunset” imagines the setting sun seen through a fluttering dragonflies wings and stretches that image into some other but related metaphoric ones. “Magisterial Moon” is a sort of adult nursery rhyme personification of the Moon and Sun.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Roy Beckemeyer, April 12, 2016