Advent Day 22 – December 22, 2021

Day 22 РCalifornia Sweet Ros̩ and Mediterranean Gouda

Mediterranean Gouda and Pinot Grigio on Day 5, Med. Gouda and what is called a “Sweet” Rosé on Day 22. I actually found there to be just a residual sweetness to this wine, and it surprised me somewhat. I suspect that this cheese, with what my daughter called a “pizza” flavor (which does capture it rather well), would fare better with a hearty red wine, this pairing was not great, not awful, but definitely ok. And the calendar is winding down fast. Just two pairings to go.

No snow in the forecast this year, no white Christmas, not even a good chill wind – so, let’s go back two years ago, pre pandemic, when our dog Jenna was still with us (our daughter has her now), to see how happy Labrador retrievers are when snow graces us with its presence. After all, who can resist a smiling dog and snow at Yuletide? Happy Christmas to all the cats and dogs and their humans, too!

~Roy Beckemeyer, December 22, 2021