Advent, Day 6 – December 6, 2021

Day 6 – Cabernet Sauvignon and Gouda with Mustardseed

(Sorry, ALDI, I couldn’t go with the label “Mustard Gouda”) – This was a welcome variation on the flavored gouda spectrum, the mustard seeds adding a hint of a spicy bite. Another pretty good pairing. This California Cab, as you can see, had a strong dark color and, as you can’t, but I could inhale, a true Cab nose. The nicest of the varietals thus far, and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping this one between nibbles of the cheese.

Ah, winter approaching now; it got below freezing last night (actually, in the early morning), hitting 31 degrees. Cloudy off and on and a cold front making its way from the plains of Alberta. Time to unearth the gloves and wool socks, the scarves and knit caps, ear muffs, long johns, all the accoutrements of wintry days and frigid nights and wind chill and red nose and steamed glasses (a double problem now with masks and cold temps).

A somewhat melancholy day. Stephen Sondheim died at the end of November, Robert Dole yesterday. Old men, with 11 and 18 years on me, respectively. That’s the kind of number play you become acutely aware of when you reach the 80s, I’m afraid. Oh well, where’s that next pairing of wine and cheese? You live in the present – enjoy it!

~Roy Beckemeyer, 6 December, 2021