Advent, Day 4 – December 4, 2021

Day 4 – Winter Wonderland California Pinot Noir and mild white Mature Cheddar

Day 4’s selection was a clear-headed, fruity California Pino Noir coupled with a mild, white “Mature Cheddar.” When I first began learning California red wines, after the generics, I tried the fruitier, less complex Pinot Noirs. I pretty quickly became able to identify the grape and found the varietal a good match for many dinners. Of course, I eventually moved on to the heartier versions that often were aged in oak barrels, the designated vineyard Pinots of Oregon and California, and even, finally, to French Burgundies. Today’s was a simple, light, but true to the varietal, Pinot Noir, and was well matched by the quiet and quite mild white cheddar. A pleasant encounter.

It was a cooler day today, high of about 56 with a breeze from the south, so a little chill in the air. Pat and I walked, and she was able to walk her full 1/4 mile using her walker today without having to stop and rest at all. We shuffled through leaves and enjoyed the neighborhood Christmas decorations, many lights beginning to turn on in the last half-hour before sunset. Our walks these days are but dim reminders of our dog-walking, hiking, backpacking, and marathoning days, but we still enjoy them. The wine and cheese pairing for today would have made a great carry-along snack for one of those more robust walks.

A good day all-around for reminiscing about those many other halcyon days we shared through the years.

~Roy Beckemeyer, 4 December 2021.